Factors for consideration in developing research initiatives for DNAmicroarray development and experimentation.

Robert Fleischmann and Scott Peterson
The Institute for Genomic Research, Rockville, MD 20878.

The recent development of more robust hardware, chemistry, and software forDNA microarrays has resulted in the promise of a high-throughput technologycapable of providing comparative sequence data and insights into generegulation in a variety of organisms under a variety of stress conditions.Funding agencies developing programs to promote these technologies andtheir proper application to experimentation must develop relevant programgoals and be able to critically evaluate applicants in a variety of areas.This presentation will focus on examining a variety of issues that fundingagencies are likely to face in developing program initiatives andevaluating applications. These include the applicants ability to conducthigh-throughput microarray experimentation, the technical and experimentallimitations of the technology, the types of experimentation to be funded(hypothesis driven vs explorative), funding initiatives currently active orunder consideration by other agencies (centralization vs distributingtechnology), and data access and sharing.