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World Technology (WTEC) Division of ITRI at Loyola College

Workshop Presentation

The following viewgraphs are from the presentations given by the WTEC panel members at the WTEC Workshop On Wireless Technologies And Information Networks on Thursday September 9, 1999. These slides represent interim results from the study, and as such are subject to change. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the United States Government, the authors' parent institutions, or Loyola College.

To reserve a copy of the final report at pre-publication prices or for more information on these studies, please send email to Trina Foley: tfoley@itri.loyola.edu


  1. Introduction to WTEC (R.D. Shelton)
  2. Wireless Information Technology and Networks (M. Iskander)
  3. DOD Perspective (L. Young)
  4. Executive Summary (A. Ephremides)
  5. Hardware: for RF Front-End of Wireless Communication (T. Itoh, L. Katehi)
  6. Channel Modeling/Propagation (N. Moayeri, M. Iskander)
  7. Smart Antennas, Including Software, Systems Aspects (J. Winters)
  8. Modulation/Coding/Access (W. Stark)
  9. Switching, Routing, Networking (R. Pickholtz)
  10. Integration (R. Rao)
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