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WTEC Panel Report on

Wireless Technologies and Information Networks

Anthony Ephremides, Chair
Tatsuo Itoh, Vice Chair
Raymond Pickholtz, Vice Chair
Magdy Iskander
Linda Katehi
Ramesh Rao
Wayne Stark
Jack Winters

July 2000


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WTEC Staff
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Executive Summary

1. Introduction

Anthony Ephremides

2. Coding, Modulation, and Multiple-Access

Wayne Stark

3. Switching and Routing in Wireless Networking

Raymond L. Pickholtz

4. Channel Characterization and Propagation Models for Wireless Communication Systems

Magdy F. Iskande

5. Hardware for RF Front-End of Wireless Communication

Tatsuo Itoh, Linda Kateh

6. Smart Antennas

Jack H. Winters

7. Holistic Design of Wireless Systems

Ramesh Rao


A. Professional Experience of Panelists

B. Professional Experience of Other Team Members

C. Site Reports--Europe

D. Site Reports--Japan

E. Glossary

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