International Technology Research Institute (ITRI)

R. D. Shelton, Principal Investigator, ITRI Director
George Mackiw, Deputy ITRI Director
George Gamota, ITRI Associate Director
J. Brad Mooney, TTEC Division Director
Robert Margenthaler, BD Division Director

World Technology (WTEC) Division

Geoffrey M. Holdridge, WTEC Division Director and ITRI Series Editor
Bobby A. Williams, Financial Officer
Christopher McClintick, Wireless Study Manager
Roan E. Horning, Head of Information Technologies Section
Michael Stone, LINUX Systems Administrator
Robert Tamburello, Student Assistant

Judith M. Dobler, Editor
Aminah Grefer, Editorial Assistant
Jerry Whitman and Stella Lin Whitman, Advance Work for Japan and Europe Trips
Hiroshi Morishita, WTEC Japan Representative

Published: July 2000; WTEC Hyper-Librarian