WTEC Panel Report on

Tissue Engineering Research

Larry V. McIntire (Panel chair)
Howard P. Greisler
Linda Griffith
Peter C. Johnson
David J. Mooney
Milan Mrksich
Nancy L. Parenteau
David Smith

January 2002

The final report is available in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format. The entire report is approximately 1.8 MB. The Executive Summary (included in the entire report) is also available as a separate file.

Table of Contents


List of Figures

List of Tables

Executive Summary

1. Introduction

Larry V. McIntire

2. Biomaterials

Linda G. Griffith

3. Cells

Nancy L. Parenteau

4. Biomolecules

Howard P. Greisler

5. Cell-Based Technologies: Non-Medical Applications

Milan Mrksich

6. Engineering Design Aspects of Tissue Engineering

David Mooney

7. Informatics and Tissue Engineering

Peter C. Johnson

8. Legal and Regulatory Issues

David Smith


A. Biographies of Panelists

B. Site Reports-Europe

C. Site Reports-Japan

D. Summary of the June 2000 U.S. Review Workshop

Published: January 2002