2.1 Time and Space Sampling from Data Acquisition Platforms
2.2 Mir Submersibles
2.3 ODAS AUV Sensor Suite Specifications
2.4 Institute of Applied Physics -- Acoustic Doppler
Current Profiler Specifications
2.5 Komsomolets Submarine Investigations

3.1 Some Sample Energy Densities for Power Sources
3.2 Gamma Nuclear-Thermoelectric Power Source
3.3 Helena Nuclear-Thermoelectric Power Source
3.4 Energia Photon Fuel Cell for Space Applications
3.5 Energia Hydrogen-Oxygen Power Fuel Cell for Submersibles
3.6 Energia HOBU Hydrogen-Oxygen Battery
3.7 Alupower Aluminum Oxygen Battery
3.8 Sodium-Sulfur Battery for ODAS
3.9 Rauma Nickel-Iron Battery
3.10 Saga Sterling Engines
3.11 Rauma Rankine Cycle Engine

4.1 Technical Specifications of 6,000 m Diving Submersible Nautile
4.2 Communications and Miscellaneous Equipment of Nautile
4.3 Sever-2 and Sever-2 Bis Tactical Characteristics and Specifications
4.4 Sever-2 and Sever-2 Bis Operating Capabilities
4.5 Tinro-2 Tactical Characteristics and Specifications
4.6 Tinro-2 Operating Capabilities
4.7 Benthos-300 (Nos. 1 and 2) Tactical Characteristics and Specifications
4.8 Benthos-300 (Nos. 1 and 2) Operational Capabilities
4.9 Tetis-H Tactical Characteristics and Specifications
4.10 Tetis-H Operating Capabilities
4.11 Omar and Langust Tactical Characteristics and Specifications
4.12 Omar and Langust Operating Capabilities
4.13 Rif Tactical Characteristics and Specifications
4.14 Rif Operating Capabilities
4.15 DSV Rift
4.16 Tourist Subs by Rift Co., Ltd.

5.1 Major Parameters to be Considered
5.2 Basic Parameters of MRV and Trojan ROVs
5.3 Peripheral Components
5.4 Cost Advantage of Diver and ROV
5.5 Four Phases of Autosub Project

6.1 Organizations Where Acoustics Applications Were Discussed
6.2 General System Specifications -- Nearest Water Area Viewing
6.3 General System Specifications -- Multiship Fish Monitoring
6.4 General System Specifications -- Beam Structure Parameters
6.5 Oceanpribor's Transponders, Antennae, and Systems
6.6 Specifications of Tritech Sonars
6.7 Specifications of Sonavision 4000 at 500 kHz
6.8 A Summary of Application Focus and User Community
6.9 A Summary of Organizations Involved in System Design

7.1 Summary of Research and Development Sites Visited in Western Europe,
Russia, and Ukraine
7.2 Summary of Engineering Sites Visited in Europe,
Russia, and Ukraine
7.3a Test Facilities Observed or Available in Europe,
Russia, and Ukraine (1)
7.3b Test Facilities Observed or Available in Europe,
Russia, and Ukraine (2)
7.4 Field Test and Demonstration Capabilities

8.1 Availability of Navigation Technologies
8.2 Algorithm Development

Published: June 1994; WTEC Hyper-Librarian