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Date Visited: May 14, 1993

Report Author: C. Brancart



C. Brancart


Douglas Brand


Reson is a Danish-based acoustic research and manufacturing company founded in 1976 by three brothers. Their product line includes transducers, hydrophones, arrays, and complete sonar systems. The presentation to the WTEC team was limited to the company's sonar systems.


Reson Systems discussed in detail its Seabat sonar systems.

Seabat 6012

The Seabat 6012 was developed in 1990/1991 as a real-time imaging sonar for mine counter measure from ROVs. The operating frequency is 455 kHz, and the acoustic window is 90o horizonal and 15o vertical. The system's range is from 2.5 to 200 m, and its resolution is 5 cm. The system is small enough so that it can readily be handled from inflatables, ROVs, and patrol crafts. The system's capability is equal to a land-based CCTV security system. In October 1991, Reson announced that "The Seabat 6012 is the world's first real-time electronically scanning mini sonar."

Seabat 9001

The Seabat 9001 multibeam bathymetric sonar is a high resolution sea bed mapping and profiling system for use from ROVs or surface crafts. The operating frequency is 455 kHz and the acoustic window is 90o by 1.5o cross-section footprint. There is a real-time color display of the sonar image with the ZX coordinate superimposed in profile. The system is capable of inputting the data into high grade survey software packages for integration with position and attitude sensor data, therefore providing a means to conduct accurate surveys in greatly reduced time scales. If a roll, heave, and pitch sensor package and a Doppler Velocity Log are incorporated with the sonar, position accuracy better than 1 m can be maintained with a datum check at 1 km intervals. The Seabat sonar system's characteristics are given in Table Reson.1.

Table Reson.1
Seabat Sonar System Characteristics


Depending on the cost of these systems, their general characteristics may justify taking a hard look at them.



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Published: June 1994; WTEC Hyper-Librarian