Site: Marconi UDI (UDI)
Denmore Road
Bridge on Don
Aberdeen AB23 8JW, Scotland
United Kingdom
Telephone: 0224 703 511
Fax: 0224 821 339
Telex: 73361 UIIG

Date Visited: May 14, 1993

Report Author: C. Brancart



D. Blidberg
C. Brancart
L. Gentry
J. Mooney


J. Sampson (ONR London)


Guthrie Robertson; Product Sales Manager


Marconi UDI (UDI), a GEC-Marconi company at the time of the WTEC team's visit, may have technical and manufacturing depth gained from its parent company.


The Sonavision 4000 high definition sonar system incorporates a new composite transducer array and digital processing that has closed considerably the gap between underwater television pictures and previous sonar systems. The interpretive qualities of the unit are defined by the target's shape, size, color or shade variation, and shadows. This permits the operator to more effectively identify targets. Some of the system's unique features including the following:

The composite array is the result of UDI's newly developed technology. The results are wider bandwidth and much greater efficiency in the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy.


Marconi UDI. Profiles. Brochure describing key people and projects.

"1-3 Connectivity Composite Piezoelectric Materials for High Frequency (>100 kHz) Transducer Arrays."

UDI Sonavision 4000. High Definition Sonar. Brochure.

Published: June 1994; WTEC Hyper-Librarian