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Date Visited: May 14, 1993

Report Author: C. Brancart



D. Blidberg
C. Brancart
L. Gentry
J. Mooney


J. Sampson (ONR London)


John Turner B.Sc., F.Inst.D., M.B.I.M., Managing Director


Camera Alive was established in 1975 to provide specialized noncontact measurement systems and underwater equipment to the offshore oil and gas industry.


Camera Alive has developed a basic stereo video system that has been augmented for noncontact measurement capability.

DC2: Underwater High Resolution Digital Array Camera

The DC2 is a high resolution digital array camera designed for underwater use to 1,000 m. The system has the following features:

NCS2: Noncontact Video Measurement System

The NCS2 is a noncontact measurement system with video input. The system is a fusion of software and hardware to:

The system operates with MS-Windows, allowing nonspecialized users to operate the system with minimum training and experience.


Camera Alive has operational equipment that has proven to be successful in the underwater environment.


Camera Alive.

General write-up.

DC1: High Resolution Digital Array Camera. Brochure.

DC2: Underwater High Resolution Digital Array Camera. Brochure.

NCS2: Noncontact Video Measurement System. Brochure.

Stereo Viewing and Noncontact 3-D Measurement. General brochure with useful information.

Published: June 1994; WTEC Hyper-Librarian