In Russia and Ukraine there is limited technology in the area of automation in underwater vehicle technology. The control technology is based primarily on manual operation. Navigation and communication systems in these countries use technologies that are currently available worldwide. There are many well-trained engineers and scientists there who are underutilized because of the current funding situation. There are also several very nice design, test, and fabrication facilities. The Russians and Ukrainians would like to make these facilities available in some form to be used in the world market. The areas that engineers said would be most useful at making them more effective are access to computers, computer aided design and simulation software, and more reliable electronics.

France is a leader in the field of underwater vehicle technology. French programs in the integration of local sensor data for navigation and control have the potential of opening up new capabilities for underwater vehicles.

The United Kingdom is also pioneering the development of long range underwater vehicles through its Autosub program. This program is pushing the limits in underwater vehicle technology in automation, navigation, and control.

Published: June 1994; WTEC Hyper-Librarian