Underwater vehicles and marine technologies are very important to the European countries visited. This is evidenced by government sponsored and funded programs such as the Marine Technology Directorate program sponsored by the United Kingdom's Science and Engineering Research Council and France's IFREMER program. There is also a European-wide focus through the Marine Science and Technology program. European marine technology and UV activities are well planned and focused, and funding, though never enough, is adequate. The bottom line is that the Europeans are making good progress in developing AUVs toward some very useful national and regional objectives in ocean research. Good work is also in progress toward development of ROVs for the offshore oil industry.

The organizations involved in UV development and marine research are just as well equipped for research, engineering, and overall system integration. Their computer equipment and test facilities are as modern and capable as any in the United States.

Russia and Ukraine

To summarize:

Published: June 1994; WTEC Hyper-Librarian