For purposes of this report, it is appropriate to separate the activities of Western Europe from those found in Russia and Ukraine. The maturity of the market for acoustic systems being developed in France and the United Kingdom is clear. Products are the main focus. Also, research into acoustic applications in Western Europe is far more product and need oriented. Efforts underway in Russia and Ukraine are far less driven by quantified need. Indeed, much effort is being expended to consider possible new areas of application and product development.

Table 6.1 gives the names, locations, and primary types of activity of the organizations that the team visited where acoustic applications were discussed. It is clear from discussions with some of our hosts after the WTEC visit to Russia and Ukraine (during the WTEC workshop held in Washington, D.C.) that other activities exist that were not discussed.

Table 6.1
Organizations Where Acoustics Applications Were Discussed

* Marconi UDI was sold in August 1993, and is now known as Fugro-UDI Limited.

Published: June 1994; WTEC Hyper-Librarian

Applications of Acoustic Technology D. Richard Blidberg