Site: Kharax Company Ltd.
Gogol St. 18-20
St. Petersburg 190000

Date Visited: May 20, 1993

Report Author: M. Lee



N. Caplan
A. Kalvaitis
M. Lee


Michael Giers; Director, Chief-Pilot Submarine
Svetlana Giers; Vice Manager
Igor Brazshnikov; Vice Manager
Klapzov Rudolf; Malachite
Professor Glosman Mikhail; St. Petersburg Admiralty Shipyard
Sapelov Pavel; Giproribflot


Kharax is one of the first private companies in Russia that is engaged in designing submersible vehicles. Kharax also operates, enhances, and maintains previously designed vehicles. The company has pilots and technicians who operate and maintain vehicles from all over the world. Kharax is investigating the concept of building an underwater tourism center. This is basically a large ship with observation rooms and divers rooms underneath. The company provides technical equipment for subsea expeditions of all purposes. One of the first expeditions was to look for the lost Korean 747 airliner. Company representatives gave the panel a book on this operation. The organization has 6 permanent employees and another 180 people who are employed in a jobshop structure.


The company's main product is a deep diving tourist submarine. A picture of the model of this vehicle is included below. This vehicle is being designed to hold six persons plus two crew members. The feature that makes this vehicle different from other tourist submersibles is that it is being designed to go to depths of 300 m. The vehicle sells for $750,000, including the launch and recovery system. Kharax will also provide operators and support for the vehicles. The company's marketing analysis shows that there is demand for such a vehicle.

Kharax also described an underwater tourist center that the company is proposing. This center would have accommodations for more than 40 persons; it would also have an underwater restaurant and diving facilities.

Kharax also provides operations support, maintenance, and logistics and planning support for existing vehicle systems.


Kharax is an entrepreneurial organization that has brought together talent, experience, and drive, and focused it on the objective of building a business around manned submersible technology. The company has its first product design well underway. Kharax has a small core of people in the organization's base, and jobshops out as many activities as possible. The company has an experience base that includes many innovative new concepts that it feels will bring success in this new enterprise.


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Published: June 1994; WTEC Hyper-Librarian