Site: Intershelf
Ul. Galernaya, 69/71
St. Petersburg 190000

Date Visited: May 21, 1993

Report Author: M. Lee



N. Caplan
A. Kalvaitis
M. Lee


Andrei Voronov; Director
Alexander Finkelshtain; Technical Director


Intershelf is the St. Petersburg division of the Moscow-based company J.P. Kenny Intershelf. It is a joint venture company that pulls together Russian and British interests in underwater technology. The British partner is J.P. Kenny of London. Russian partners include Promstroibank and the Moscow State Building University. The company specializes in subsea vehicles and submersibles, and has a marketing focus on the mining, gas, and oil industries on the continental shelf. The company started in 1990 with three people and has now grown to eleven people. The company currently produces two products: a hand-held TV camera that is used by divers, and a small remotely operated vehicle. Intershelf also designs electromechanical, optical, and acoustic pipeline inspection systems. Intershelf would like to evolve to include environmental monitoring in the future.


The product that was most emphasized was the low cost ROV Fish 102M. This ROV sells for $14,000, including cable handling, topside control, and a spare parts package. It only weighs 16 kg and can be launched by hand by one person. The company has sold fourteen of these vehicles to date.

Intershelf's other product is a diver-held TV camera and light. This is similar to the camera and light on the Fish 102 ROV system. The team also saw a video of the vehicle Fish 103. This ROV has an operational depth of 6,000 m. It was installed on the submarine, Mir, and has been used on several of the Mir dives to inspect the sunken submarine Komsomolets. Subsequent to the WTEC panel's visits, in August of 1993, Fish 103 was involved in three dives to Komsomolets, during which time the ROV penetrated the first compartment of the stricken submarine, operating there for a total of 5 hours and recording 4 hours of video. The panel saw the body of this vehicle in the laboratory.

Intershelf builds most of the vehicles, including the electronics, in the company's laboratory.


Intershelf is a small entrepreneurial division of a Russian-British joint venture. It is positioned to tap into the vast base of skill and knowledge of underwater vehicles that exists in St. Petersburg. It has developed a couple of initial products and is beginning to work with Intershelf's main division on marketing, sales, distribution, and support for its activities.

Fish 102M appears to be similar to other current low-cost ROVs on the market.


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Published: June 1994; WTEC Hyper-Librarian