Site: Intershelf
Kozhevnicheskaya St. 11
Moscow 113114
Telephone: 235 96 93 or 235 25 81
Fax: 230 23 01
Telex: 411782 SHELFSU

Date Visited: May 17, 1993

Report Author: C. Brancart



R. Blidberg
C. Brancart
D. Walsh


Sergey Yu. Karev; Director
Andrey V. Nesterov; Moscow Subsidiary Director
Valentina N. Telnova


Intershelf is a joint Russian-British venture led by the British firm of J.P. Kenny. Within J.P. Kenny, there are 12 subsidiaries, 18 offices, and a total of 300 people. In the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) there are 10 offices. The office that the WTEC team visited appeared to be a management and engineering office. Fabrication is done elsewhere. The discussions conducted were related to Intershelf's underwater hardware capabilities.

In a development subsequent to the WTEC panel's visit, a new Russian-British company, Elvi-Intershelf, was registered in October of 1993, with Sergey Karev as its Director. All of Intershelf's projects in subsea vehicles, tourist submarines, and all defense conversion contracts have been transferred to the new company. Elvi-Intershelf is looking for additional Western partners, offering access to CIS markets and resources (including the possibility of oil and gas development).


Numerous brochures were provided, and the panel viewed a video of Intershelf's underwater crawler program. Information on Intershelf's systems are presented below.


Crawlers are tracked devices with various payload configurations. Intershelf has developed on paper a complete line of underwater crawlers in the one-ton, eight-ton, and thirty-ton categories. Brochures were presented for the various sizes and concepts. In 1991, Intershelf fabricated and tested the Beta unit, an eight-ton vehicle. There appeared to be no sophisticated control or other support systems.


Intershelf has developed the Fish series of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). These ROVs are very similar to available hardware.

FISH 102

The Fish 102 is a small ROV with a 100 m operating depth. Its basic dimensions are: 35" x 18" x 14" and 35 lbs in air. Negotiations are underway with a Western distributor. The price was estimated at approximately $20,000.

FISH 103

Fish 103

is a larger ROV with basic dimensions of 24" x 16" x 10" and 106 lbs in air. It is rated for 6,000 m operating depth. This vehicle has been designed to operate from a large underwater garage assembly or from another manned vehicle because of its 100-ft long umbilical. The vehicle was used to survey the downed Russian submarine Komsomolets. The Fish 103 has a price tag of $50,000 (presumably without the underwater garage assembly).


Diver TV.

Intershelf has hard-canned underwater TV systems for use by divers. The black and white version sells for $2,000 and the color version sells for $4,000 to $5,000.

Tourist Submarines. Intershelf has designed a ten-seat underwater tourist submarine, the SubTour 10/100. The vehicle is available for sale for $900,000. The submarine is to be certified under Russian guidelines, which the panel was told is comparable to ABS, DNV, and/or Lloyds of London. Intershelf firmly believes that there is a market for these vehicles.

Designs. The scientists and engineers have conducted many design studies for underwater restaurants and other underwater tourist facilities. They have not conducted any AUV work, nor do they intend to do so in the near future.


Intershelf has some interesting products. However, it appears that Intershelf is pricing its products parallel to comparable Western units and not what it would cost the company to fabricate the units. Intershelf's strongest move would be to lower its prices.

The director advised the team that Intershelf is working on a disc that will describe its underwater hardware, design concepts, and capabilities. The panel was advised that the company would send one.


J.P. Kenny Intershelf. General Capability Brochure. Topics include: offshore design and project management, production, marine operations, underwater equipment, and underwater robotic systems.

Concept Drawings. Summary of 1-, 8-, and 30-ton Bottom Crawler Series. Includes: Alpha (8 tons), Beta (8 tons), and Gamma (30 tons).

Fish 102. Brochure.

Fish 103. Brochure.

Diver TV System. Brochure.

SubTour 10/100. Underwater Tourist Submarine brochure.

Published: June 1994; WTEC Hyper-Librarian