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International Technology Research Institute

[Shelton photo]
R.D. Shelton

Robert Duane Shelton has led international technology assessments since 1984, as science policy analyst at NSF, and now as ITRI Director. His degrees are in electrical engineering from Texas Tech (MCL), MIT (as NSF Fellow), and University of Houston. Dr. Shelton worked at Texas Instruments, Inc. on electronics R&D, and at NASA in performance analysis of the Apollo space communications system and of TDRSS -- the system currently used for Shuttle communications. He was a professor at the University of Houston, University of Louisville, Texas Tech University, and now Loyola College. During this time, he has served as principal investigator on 35 grants, has written 58 technical papers and one book, and has chaired 60 M.S. and 3 Ph.D. thesis committees. He has chaired academic departments of applied mathematics, computer science, engineering science and electrical engineering. During 1995, he was an IEEE Congressional Fellow, serving as legislative assistant on science issues for Rep. Lloyd Doggett. His current research interest is science policy analysis: international technology assessment, high-technology trade problems with Japan, and national strategies for engineering education.

[Mackiw Photo]
George Mackiw

Dr. George B. Mackiw is the Deputy Director of ITRI. He has a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Virginia. He is Professor and former Chair of Mathematical Sciences. He has an extensive list of research publications and was recognized as the outstanding teacher of the year by Loyola College in 1982. Most recently, led Loyola College's successful effort to secure a Phi Beta Kappa chapter. He speaks and writes Ukrainian fluently. Dr. Mackiw spent ten weeks in Ukraine in the summer of 1998 working with the Kiev and Kharkiv Small Business Incubators.

[Gamota Photo]
George Gamota

George Gamota is the Associate Director of ITRI. He has 25 years experience in science, engineering and technology. He holds a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Michigan and was a Member of the Technical Staff at Bell Laboratories, during which time he was credited with several significant discoveries in solid state physics. He has been Director of Research in the Department of Defense, professor of physics and Director of the Institute of Science and Technology at the University of Michigan, President of Thermo Electron Technologies Corp., and Director of the MITRE Institute. He is a Fellow of the American Association of Advancement of Science and American Physical Society, and a senior Member of IEEE. In 1981, he received the U.S. Secretary of Defense Meritorious Civilian Service Award, and in 1995 was named an Honorary Fellow of the Ukrainian Physical Society for his work with scientists and engineers in independent Ukraine. He was the 1995 Chairman of the National Conference on Advancement of Research, and was its program chair in 1993. His current interests are: science policy; foreign and domestic technology assessments; high-tech small business development; and continuing education for scientists and engineers. He started a number of major U.S. government technology assessment programs, including JTEC. Dr. Gamota is an author or co-author of over 75 articles, four books and major reports. Most recently, he was the chair of the Japanese ERATO study.

Business Development (BD) Division

[Margenthaler Photo]
Robert Margenthaler

Dr. Bob Margenthaler is Director of the Business Development Division (BD) of ITRI and Professor Emeritus in the Joseph A. Sellinger, S.J., School of Business and Management at Loyola College in Maryland and served a six and one-half year tenure as Dean of the Sellinger School. While Dean, Dr. Margenthaler established, with the support of business executives, three Centers of Excellence to serve his vision for the Sellinger School, i.e., to build partnerships with the business community. He assumed the responsibilities of Executive Director for the Lattanze Center for Executive Studies in Information Systems in April 1997, a center focused on strategic issues of importance to information technology executives. He began service of the Business Development Division of ITRI on September 1, 1998. Dr. Margenthaler has worked extensively with small business incubators in the United States. For the field study activity in the MBA programs, he and his students concentrate on small businesses and the development of business plans for their future growth. He is a regular participant in the Small Business Administration's Program for Minority Business Executives. He has also conducted international seminars and courses, focusing on strategic management and total enterprise simulation, at Egyptian Ministry of Defense in Cairo, Renmin University in Beijing, City Government of Shanghai, XLRI in India, and ILADES in Santiago, Chile. Prior to joining Loyola College, Bob gained experience in a 24-year career in the United States Air Force. He held positions in research and development for space operations; chief scientist in the Logistics Directorate of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Pentagon; and faculty member with the Industrial College of the Armed Forces and the National Defense University in Washington, D.C.

Technology Transfer (TTEC) Division

[Mooney Photo]
J. Brad Mooney

RADM John Bradford Mooney USN (Ret) is the Director of the TTEC Division at ITRI. He retired from the U. S. Navy in 1987 after over 34 years of professional, commissioned officer experience including; a total of six commands both at sea and ashore, and various diverse staff assignments in the fields of management, science, technology, education, training, manpower planning and very deep ocean operations. At least half of his duties since 1964 have involved ocean engineering, at-sea operations, research and development, including management, hands-on R&D and personal collaboration with R&D leaders of government, academe, and industry. In the last twenty years, Mooney has been involved in several investigative endeavors. A sampling of which includes:

World Technology (WTEC) Division

[Holdridge Photo]
Geoffrey Holdridge

Mr. Holdridge is the Director of the WTEC Division at ITRI. He manages the day-to-day affairs of the WTEC program. Prior to coming to Loyola in 1989, he served as a Special Assistant to the Division Director for Emerging Engineering Technologies (EET) at NSF, where he helped manage the JTEC program (the predecessor of the WTEC program) at NSF. In a special assignment for the EET Division in 1987-88, he prepared a report on the long-term industrial consequences of a loss of U.S. competitiveness in the memory chip market as part of NSF's contribution to an inter-agency study on the status of the U.S. semiconductor industry. Mr. Holdridge has also worked as Staff Consultant for the National Academy of Sciences' Panel on the Impact of National Security Export Controls in International Technology Transfer (also known as the Allen Panel). He holds a B.A. in History (specializing in 20th Century East Asia) from Yale University.

[Williams Photo]
Bob Williams

Bobby A. Williams, WTEC Assistant Director and Comptroller, joined the WTEC staff in early 1990. Prior to that, he worked in Washington as an economist. He spent several years as a branch chief, responsible for research and reporting on both industrial and macroeconomic developments in China. Publications include an assessment of China's oil industry for the Joint Economic Committee of Congress.

Mr. Williams holds B.A. and M.A. degrees from Berea College and Washington University (St. Louis), respectively, where he was an all-but-dissertation Ph.D. candidate in economics. His professional interests center on the Japanese and Chinese economies. More generally, he is interested in economic history, particularly the roles of technical and institutional change as agents of growth.

Catrina Foley

Catrina Monique Foley presently holds the position of Administrative Assistant in the WTEC office. She has been part of the WTEC team since 1991.

Ms. Foley graduated from Palmer Business School in Baltimore, Maryland in 1991, where she received a certificate of achievement in Office Automation. In 1988 she graduated from Robert D. Edgren High School of Misawa, Japan. Currently an undergraduate student at Baltimore City Community College in Baltimore, MD, Ms. Foley is planning to transfer to a four year college to obtain her B.A. degree in Japanese Linguistics.

[McClintick Photo]
Christopher McClintick


Dr. Christopher McClintick is Head of the ITRI publications section. He directs the editing and publication of ITRI reports, develops policy analysis on selected studies, and represents ITRI and WTEC to government and industry officials, and the public. Dr. McClintick also teaches in Loyola College's Department of Modern Languages and Literatures.

McClintick has been a writer and editor for weekly and daily newspapers, a legislative assistant to former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Thomas S. Foley, and has taught at Vanderbilt University, where he received his Ph.D. He was awarded B.A. and M.A. degrees from Whitman College, and the University of Washington, respectively. He joined the WTEC staff during the fall of 1997.

[Morishita Photo]
Hiroshi Morishita

Mr. Hiroshi Morishita is the WTEC's Japan Representative, arranging WTEC panelists' visits to Japanese R&D facilities and related organizations. He has been working for WTEC since 1994, and has arranged 7 study missions in Japan. Mr. Morishita is a graduate of the University of Tokyo (BA, MA, mechanical engineering), and is in the final stage of preparing his doctoral thesis. He is also President of HMI, Inc., a company specializing in ultra-micro manipulation technology for MEMS (microelectromechanical systems).

[Horning Photo]
Roan Horning

Mr. Roan Horning is is the Head of Information Technologies at ITRI. His main focus is designing and carrying out effective Internet programs during the life cycle of WTEC studies (e.g., Internet Web sites, listservers, newsgroups, FAQs, etc.). This includes identifing and recommending Web-based and other electronic-based possibilities for making WTEC products available to academia, industry, and the general public. Mr. Horning is currently pursuing his bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering (concentrating on digital signals and systems) at Loyola College in Maryland.

[Stone Photo]
Michael Stone

Mr. Michael Stone is the Linux Systems Administrator at WTEC. He maintains the internal file server as well as the HTTP/FTP services for remote users. Mr. Stone has worked at the WTEC office since July 1996.

ITRI Student Employees

Christy Long
Class of 2001
Major: Electrical Engineering
Minor: Mathematics
Interested in transportation systems and control theory, Christy plans to pursue a graduate degree at the University of California-Berkeley.

Sarah Mayne
Class of 2001
Major: Electrical Engineering
Sarah is the Webmaster of the BID site of ITRI. Sarah plans to attend graduate school to continue her studies in electrical engineering.

Robert Tamburello
Class of 2001
Major: Mathematical Science
Minor: Computer Science
In May of 1998, Robert joined the WTEC staff as an undergraduate research assistant. He was the Web Administrator for the Technology Transfer (TTEC) Division of ITRI until early in 2000. From spring of 1998 to spring of 2001, he maintained the WTEC "Nanotechnology Database" website sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Robert plans to attend graduate school for mathematics and pursue a career as a technology consultant.

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