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WTEC Panel Report on

Power Applications of Superconductivity in Japan and Germany

David Larbalestier, Panel Chair
Richard D. Blaugher
Robert E. Schwall
Robert S. Sokolowski
Masaki Suenaga
Jeffrey O. Willis

September 1997


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Executive Summary

1. Introduction

David Larbalestier

2. Power Systems, Generation, and Storage

Richard D. Blaugher

3. Power Transmission and Distribution Cables & Transformers

Robert S. Sokolowski

4. Power Systems -- Other Applications

Robert Schwall

5. HTS Conductor Technology

Jeffrey O. Willis

6. Low Tc Superconductor R&D in Japan

Masaki Suenaga


A. Professional Experience of Panel Members

B. Professional Experience of Other Team Members

C. Japanese Site Reports

D. European Site Reports

E. Partial Listing of World Wide Web Homepages for Sites Visited by the Panel

F. Glossary

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Published: September 1997; WTEC Hyper-Librarian