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Dear Colleague:

You are invited to the World Technology Evaluation Center (WTEC) Workshop on Electronics Applications of Superconductivity in Japan, to be held April 10, 1997, at Rosslyn Westpark Hotel (Holiday Inn), 1900 N. Fort Meyer Drive, Arlington, Virginia (Hotel phone: 1-800-368-3408).

For policymakers, manufacturers or investors whose interests could be affected by developments in high temperature superconductivity (HTS), this conference is a unique opportunity to tap the insights and conclusions of WTEC's panel of experts (chaired by Dr. John Rowell), based on recent visits to major HTS R&D sites in Japan.

How have the Japanese pursued electronics applications of high temperature superconductivity, and how successful have they been in developing the films, devices, and systems needed to exploit the potentials of HTS discoveries? What are the roles of public and private organizations in superconductivity research, and how effective have collaborative projects been over the past 10 years? These are some of the questions that WTEC's panelists will tackle. Speakers will also cover conventional "low temperature" materials, since technologies based on these older materials are advancing differently from the new "high temperature" oxides. Comparisons will be drawn between work being done in Japan and in the United States. Funding issues will also be addressed. The workshop format allows for questions from the audience and permits you to raise questions about the issues that affect you most directly.

Some sample findings:

To reserve a seat, please RSVP via our On-Line Registration Form, by FAX (410-617-5123) or email (williams@loyola.edu on Internet); include your full name, address, and phone number. A $25 registration fee (payable at the door) includes a copy of the presentation materials and a copy of the final report.


Geoffrey M. Holdridge
WTEC Director

WTEC Workshop on Electronics Applications of Superconductivity in Japan
April 10, 1997
Rosslyn Westpark Hotel, 1900 N. Fort Meyer Drive, Arlington, VA
Draft Agenda
8:15 Registration (Coffee) 11:05 Refrigeration & Packaging (Rowell)
9:00 Welcome (R. Shelton, ITRI) 11:20 Digital LTS (Ralston)
9:15 Intro/Executive Summary (J. Rowell) 11:45 Digital HTS (Beasley)
9:30 Promise of Superconductivity/LTS & HTS
views in Japan (M. Beasley, Stanford U.)
12:10 SQUIDs (Rowell)
9:50 Materials status, films (Beasley) 12:40 Collaborative Projects/Impact (Rowell)
10:20 RF & Microwave Apps (R. Ralston, Lincoln Labs) 1:00 Adjournment
10:50 Break



    Sites Visited in Japan

Dr. John Rowell (Chair)
John Rowell Inc.

Dr. Malcolm Beasley
Stanford University

Dr. Richard Ralston
MIT Lincoln Labs

  • Saitama University
  • Daikin Research Center
  • Electro-Technical Laboratory (MITI)
  • NEC Research Center (Tsukuba)
  • Tokyo University (Bunkyoku)
  • RCAST (Tokyo University)
  • Nagoya University
  • Matsushita Electric Co.
  • Sumitomo Electric Co.
  • Central Research Laboratory (Kansai), MPT
  • Aisin Cosmos R&D Co., Ltd.
  • FED

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5 March 1997; WTEC Hyper-Librarian