The panel wishes to thank most sincerely all those in both Japan and the United States who facilitated our visits, the workshop presentation, and the writing of this report. These include all our gracious hosts in Japan, who gave most generously of their time in discussions with us. Also, many other scientists in Japan advised us of activities in superconductivity and on which laboratories to visit. Without Hiroshi Morishita, we would have not been able to either plan or execute a sensible schedule and would likely still all be lost in the Tokyo subways. In the United States, Cecil Uyehara was most helpful in determining the likely laboratories to include in the week of visits. Finally, a special thanks to Geoff Holdridge and his colleagues at WTEC, without whom there would not have been any visits, a workshop, or a report.

Published: July 1998; WTEC Hyper-Librarian