It is WTEC's practice to hold workshops in the Washington DC area to present the findings of its panels before these are available in the final reports. Our panel met on April 9, 1997, to rehearse the presentations and to prepare a book of viewgraphs to be used in the workshop of April 10. These viewgraphs were immediately made available on the WTEC Web site ( on the Internet. In addition to attendees from across the United States, the workshop was also attended by Mr. Masatoshi Toriihara, Senior Executive Director of ISTEC. Before dinner with the panel on the 9th, and in discussion periods on the 10th, he offered many valuable insights into the funding of superconductivity in Japan and worldwide. In particular, he clarified some of the impact of the "Science and Technology Basic Law" and presented the tentative budget for the Phase II continuation of ISTEC. Many of his viewgraphs have been incorporated into this report. The electronic copy of this final report is available on the World Wide Web at This written report, based on the panel's findings and on feedback from workshop participants, was reviewed by Japanese hosts as well as by sponsors prior to publication.

Published: July 1998; WTEC Hyper-Librarian