Members of the panel arrived in Tokyo late in the afternoon of Saturday, January 25, 1997. A planning meeting with Mr. Morishita was held on the afternoon of Sunday the 26th. The visits of the week are listed in Table 1.2. By Friday evening, January 31, we were in Osaka, and on Saturday morning a debriefing meeting was held to collect our thoughts and impressions before most of the panel members left for the airport -- John Rowell remained in Japan to attend a review meeting of the Research and Development Association for Future Electron Devices. A report on this meeting is also included in the site visit reports in Appendix B.

Table 1.2
Sites Visited in Japan
Date Sites Visited
Monday, 1/27/97 Saitama University, Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Systems (NTT)*; ISTEC
Tuesday, 1/28/97 Daikin/ETL; NEC
Wednesday, 1/29/97 University of Tokyo, RCAST and Dept. of Chemistry; Nagoya University, Dept. of Quantum Engineering (Aisin Seiki)*
Thursday, 1/30/97 AMTEL; Matsushita
Friday, 1/31/97 Sumitomo; Central Research Labs of MPT (KARC)
Monday, Tuesday, 2/3/97 and 2/4/97 J.M. Rowell attended the review meeting of the HTS devices project of FED
*A scientist from NTT met with the panel at Saitama University, and 2 members of the Aisin Seiki R&D Laboratory met with the panel at Nagoya University

Published: July 1998; WTEC Hyper-Librarian