ES.1 Profile of Satellite Systems by Service Category xix
ES.2 Proposed New Global Satellite PCS Systems xxi
ES.3 U.S. Licensed Ka-band Satellite Communications Systems xxii

1.1 Past and Future Satellite Communications Revenues

2.1 Proposed New Global Satellite PCS Systems
2.2 Communications Characteristics of the Proposed New Satellite PCS Systems
2.3 Proposed New Regional Mobile Satellite Communications Systems
2.4 U.S. Licensed Ka-band Global Satellite Communications Systems
2.5 Ka-band Second Round Filings--Proposed U.S. Global Systems
2.6 FCC-Proposed Frequency Allocations for Satellites Operating in Q and V-bands
2.7 Proposed U.S. Q/V-band Global Satellite Systems
2.8 Communications Satellite Financial Transactions During the Past Two Years

3.1 Solar Cell Efficiency vs. Time
3.2 Characteristics of Planned Commercial Ka-band Communications Systems
3.3 NEC TWT Product Line
3.4 Current Status of HAC EDD TWT Performance
3.5 Current Status of Thomson/AERG TWT Performance
3.6 Current Status of NEC TWT Performance
3.7 Categories of Electric Propulsion
3.8 Applications for Electric Propulsion

4.1 Link Parameters for ETS-VIII Mobile Multimedia Experiments
4.2 Major Commercial Launch Services
4.3 Evolution of the Atlas Family of Launch Vehicles
4.4 Reusable Launch Vehicle Projects
4.5 Applications of Emerging Satellite Networks
4.6 Satellite ATM Projects

5.1 Experiments in Interoperability--U.S. and Europe

6.1 GII Satcom Experiments

Published: December 1998; WTEC Hyper- Librarian