1.1 U.S. Technology "Firsts"
1.2 Comparison of Government Roles
1.3 The Decade Ahead in Satellite Communications Services

2.1 TWT Development Status at Thomson
2.2 Design Heritage of AEG Low and Medium Power Space TWTs
2.3 TWT Development Status at AEG
2.4 Several TWTAs Developed in Japan
2.5 SSPA Status Reported in Europe
2.6 SSPAs Developments Reported in Japan
2.7 MMIC Technology Development by Alcatel
2.8 Major Characteristics of the H-I
2.9 Stages of the H-I
2.10 Launch Record and Plan of H-I
2.11 Principal Specifications of the H-II
2.12 Stages of the H-II
2.13 Payload Capability of the H-II
2.14 Characteristics of H-II
2.15 Characteristics of Major Subsystems (H-II)
2.16 Development Schedule of the H-II
2.17 Major Characteristics of the J-I
2.18 Stages of the J-I
2.19 Applications of Ion Propulsion
2.20 Propulsion & Stabilization Systems: ETS-VI
2.21 Propulsion & Stabilization Systems: Xenon Ion Thruster
2.22 Features of ACE
2.23 Hardware Fault-tolerant Functions
2.24 On-Board Processing Technology Matrix - Europe
2.25 On-Board Processing Technology Matrix - Japan
2.26 Satellites With On-Board Processing Technologies

3.1 EMS Payload Characteristics
3.2 EMS Forward Transponder Characteristics
3.3 EMS Return Transponder Characteristics
3.4 Inmarsat III Transponder Characteristics
3.5 Characteristics of Three Types of Receivers
3.6 Key Parameters of Future Mobile Terminals
3.7 Catalyst Technologies for High Speed
3.8 Development and Future Plans for DBS-TV in Europe
3.9 Development and Future Plans for DBS-TV in Japan

4.1 Propagation Research at ESA
4.2 Factors Influencing Developments of Satellite Telecommunications
4.3 State of the Art for Small Satellites
4.4 State of the Art for Key Parameters

5.1 Characteristics of LLM Payload Design
5.2 LLM EIRP and G/T Performance
5.3 ARTEMIS Link Accesses
5.4 ARTEMIS Return Link
5.5 ARTEMIS Mass and Power
5.6 DRS Primary User Requirements
5.7 Forward Link Transmission Modes
5.8 Return Link Transmission Modes
5.9 Feeder Link G/T and EIRP Requirements
5.10 RF IOL EIRP and G/T Requirements

6.1 Major Specifications of LCE
6.2 Performance Characteristics of OICETS
6.3 Major Characteristics of COMETS Satellite System
6.4 Features of Advanced Satellite Broadcasting Equipment
6.5 Parameters of Earth Stations

Published: July 1993; WTEC Hyper-Librarian