Charles W. Bostian
Vincent W.S. Chan
Lance Riley


As part of its mission, the European Space Agency (ESA) considers itself responsible for developing new technology and bringing it to a level of maturity such that it can be used commercially. This usually includes flight demonstrations using research satellites. As part of the Telecommunications Long Term Plan (TLTP), ESA has a Payload and Spacecraft Development and Experiments (PSDE) Program. This program creates a very flexible multi-year mechanism for new technologies, multiple missions or payloads to gain flight experience. Specifically, the program moves space technology from breadboard, to engineering models, to flight hardware demonstrations in orbit. The program consists of six segments: support and studies, payload development, experiment and demonstration with existing satellites, industry cooperative phase, on-board processing (OBP)/Minisat, and Advanced Research Communications using Highly Inclined orbits for Mobile applications and other Experiments and Demonstrations using European Satellites (ARCHIMEDES). Originally this program was the umbrella for the Advanced Relay and Technology Mission (ARTEMIS) and the Data Relay Satellite (DRS). However, these two satellite projects were made separate programs for political reasons. Current projects are:

Future projects not yet fully approved are:

Published: July 1993; WTEC Hyper-Librarian