Satellites Using OBP Technologies

The Europeans, Japanese and Americans all have experimental satellites employing various degrees of OBP, OBS and OBC. Table 2.26 provides a comparison for technologies employed on five satell ites: ACTS, COMETS, ETS-VI, ITALSAT (F1 and F2), and ARTEMIS. Details of each of the cited satellites are discussed in depth elsewhere in this report. Table 2.26 is intended to highlight the broad spectrum of OBP/OBS work. ACTS is the only such experi mental satellite being launched by the United States. Japan has two experimental satellites in this class: COMETS and ETS VI. Europe has the ITALSAT series of satellites and ARTEMIS. The shaded area of Table 2.26 highlights the primary OBP and OBS tech nologies. However, the other listed technologies are closely related and necessary to implement an operational on-board processing switching satellite.

Table 2.26
Satellites with On-Board Processing Technologies

Table 2.26 shows that U.S. technology is well represented on ACTS. However, ACTS is an ageing program, and it is the only U.S. experimental program. Both the Europeans and the Japanese have significant m omentum over the U.S. in the area of OBP/OBS. Although ARTEMIS shows no prime OBP/OBS technologies, there were significant OBP/OBS systems in the earlier design. Further, significant progress was made in this area prior to a cutback in the program.

Published: July 1993; WTEC Hyper- Librarian