The Denken/Autostrade Solid Laser Plotter (SLP) Video Tape Presentation

The Solid Laser Plotter (SLP) series of resin-based rapid prototyping machines is a joint effort of Denken Engineering and Autostrade Co., Ltd., assisted by Nippon Kayaku with resin development and by Shimadzu with laser development. The following movie was presented by Lee Weiss at the The JTEC/WTEC Workshop on Rapid Prototyping in Japan and Europe. More information on this device can be obtained from Autostrade:

Autostrade Co.
Ueno-machi 13-54,
Oita, 870, Japan

Phone: 0975-43-1491
Fax: 0975-45-3910

The complete movie. (9.6 Mb)

The following are short clips from the video:

Clip 1: Computer control and feedback
during the production process (2 Mb)

Clip 2: The Solid Laser Plotter unit (464 kb)

Clip 3: End of the production process (456 kb)

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