Site: Laser 3D
6, Allée Pelletier-Doisy
F. 54603 Villers-Les-Nancy, France
Tel: (33) 83614476; Fax: (33) 83440482

Date Visited: 26 October 1995

JTEC/WTEC Attendees: R. Aubin , C. Atwood, P. Fussell


Mr. André-Luc Allanic, Software Manager Mr. Claude Médard, Managing Director Mr. François Nonennmacher, Industrial Applications Mr. Philippe Schaeffer, Process Manager

Also in attendance was a representative from Dassault Aviation (Dassault is involved in a joint venture with Laser 3D in the field of investment castings and tooling):

Mr. Georges Taillandier


Laser 3D is a good developer of stereolithography technology with an evidently unique and significant recoating approach allowing the use of highly viscous materials. Interesting parts were presented. Parts were shown and data presented indicating 25 micron layer thicknesses. Laser 3D has strong technical partners in France, but limited marketing resources outside France. Shortly prior to publication of this report, the Laser 3D hosts reported that they had just been allowed a U.S. patent (July 17, 1996). Other patents are pending in the United States and in the EEC.

Note: The JTEC/WTEC delegation visited Laser 3D as indicated above. Laser 3D hosts and JTEC/WTEC panelists were not able to arrive at a detailed site report that was mutually agreeable. Contact information for the Laser 3D hosts is provided above so that the reader may reach them directly for further information on Laser 3D.

1 Mr. Taillandier is also president of the Association Française de Protypage Rapide (French Association of Rapid Prototyping or AFPR). Because of the close working relationship between Laser 3D and Dassault, this visit focused on Laser 3D but highlighted perspectives relevant to Dassault and AFPR within the context of Laser 3D's activities.

Published: September 1996; WTEC Hyper-Librarian