The following experts served as panel members for this study. (Panelists' and other team members' biographies are included in Appendix A.)

Industry: Richard F. Aubin, United Technologies Research Center; Robert L. Brown, Gillette Company; and Paul S. Fussell, Aluminum Company of America.

Academia: Fritz Prinz (panel chair), Stanford University; Joe Beaman, University of Texas at Austin; Allan Lightman, University of Dayton; Emanuel Sachs, MIT; and Lee E. Weiss, Carnegie Mellon University.

Government: Clint Atwood, Sandia National Labs; and Michael Wozny, National Institute of Standards and Technology [now at RPI, see Appendix A].

Bruce Kramer and Kesh Narayanan from the National Science Foundation accompanied panelists on site visits. Duane Shelton of JTEC/WTEC and Cecil Uyehara of Uyehara International Associates also traveled with and advised the panel.

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Published: March 1997; WTEC Hyper-Librarian