E.1 Manufacturing Methods of Major Interest
E.2 Japan Compared to U.S. in Advanced Manufacturing Technology for Polymer Composite Structures

1.1 Carbon Fiber Usage in 1989
1.2 Carbon Fiber Production Capability in 1991 (Pan & Pitch)
1.3 Composite Technology with Cost Reduction as Driving Force

2.1 Japanese Military/Civil Demand
2.2 Export/Import Ratios for Aerospace related Products

4.1 Principal Characteristics of NEFMAC
4.2 Main Types of NEFMAC Based on Reinforcement Type
4.3 Details of Fiber Type
4.4 Standard Grid Specifications
4.5 Comparison of Reinforcements
4.6 Representative Use of NEFMAC in Existing Structures in Shotcrete
4.7 Applications of NEFMAC

5.1 World Wide Demand for Pan-Based Carbon Fiber
5.2 World Production Capacity for Pan-Based Carbon Fiber
5.3 World Production Capacity for Pitch-Based Carbon Fiber
5.4 Mitsubishi Kasei Dialead Coal Tar Pitch-Based Carbon Fiber
5.5 PIX (Thermoplastic Polyimide) CF Prepreg

6.1 Expected Developments in Composite Processes
6.2 Comparison of Capabilities
6.3 State-of-the-Art Modeling in Some Important Composite Processes
6.4 State of Modeling in Various Areas of Composites Processing
6.5 Review of Important Aspects of Research in the Area of Molecular Composites
6.6 Depth of Use of Ultrasonic Techniques
6.7 Status of Specific Measurement Techniques
6.8 Ranking of Sensing Techniques
6.9a Review of Existing NDE/I Techniques (1)
6.9b Review of Existing NDE/I Techniques (2)
6.10 Ranking of Control Mechanisms
6.11 Cost Responses
6.12 Cost Economics of Major Processes
6.13 National Laboratories Contributing to Composites R&D
6.14 Processing Methods Ranked in Priority as per NIST Survey
6.15 Ranking of Potential Barriers to Processes

7.1 Summary of the General Procedural Model
7.2 Current Ability of Alternative Concepts to Provide Customer Wants
7.3 Comparison of System Costs
7.4 Commitment to Five Strategic Elements of Quality
7.5 Expectations of Advances
7.6 Major Shareholders in Tonen Corporation
7.7 Major Sources of Financing

Published: April 1994; WTEC Hyper-Librarian