Resin transfer molding was being pursued by most of the aerospace primes and by several universities, including the Textile Science Group at the Kyoto Institute of Technology, but of particular interest was the Three-D Composites Research Corporation. This research group was established in March 1988 with the following investing companies:

The charter of the group is to develop 3-D preforms and molding technologies with funding of $16 million over a six year period. A short paper that summarized their efforts and outlined the results of their research to date was obtained.

A rod-type 3-D loom has been developed to make a block that smaller parts can be cut from, and another for making cloth. The group is also working on matrix systems for RTM that include a concept where the preform includes "thin impregnated rods," which created "zoned hardening" and irregular- shaped products with the process.

Published: April 1994; WTEC Hyper-Librarian