Site: Toyota Motor Corp.
Higashifuji Technical Center
1200, Mishuku, Susono
Shizuoka 410-11, Japan

Date Visited: December 8, 1992

Report Author: D. Granville



D. Granville
V. Karbhari
J. McDermott


Dr. Masatoshi Matsuda

Project Manager, R&D Development Div. II

Mr. Yoshiki Murashima

Project Manager, R&D Planning Div.


This plant makes SMC rear covers for the MR-2 engine and side air housings, sun roof housings, and spoilers with SMC molding (1500-2000 ton machines).


They are evaluating carbon/epoxy drive shafts made by GKN (French company) on the MARK II (Cressida) in Japan.

They are evaluating RTM for structural body parts and SMC for exterior body parts.

Recent research has been conducted on batteries for electric cars, on leaf springs, and suspension components. Toyota has evaluated composite wheels but found them to be unreliable.

Other activities include LCPs, surface glazing materials (high abrasive resistance), and new TPs with high modulus.


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Published: April 1994; WTEC Hyper-Librarian