Site: Mitsubishi Kasei Corp. (MKC)
Research Center
1000, Kamoshida-cho
Midori-ku, Yokohama 227

Date Visited: December 7, 1992

Report Author: D. Granville



J. DeVault
D. Granville
J. McDermott
D. Wilkins


Dr. Yasuhiro

Ohmura General Manager, Material Science Research Sector

Mr. Takao Uematsu

Chief Research Scientist, Advanced Composite
Materials Laboratory

Mr. Shigeki Tomonoh

Research Scientist, Advanced Composite Materials

Dr. Tohru Imanara

Sr. Research Scientist, Advanced Composite
Materials Laboratory

Mr. Junichi Goto

Manager, Research Planning Dept.


Mitsubishi Kasei is involved in six basic areas of technology: carbon chemistry, inorganic chemistry and metallurgy, organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, electronics, and biotechnology. MKC services civil engineering and the sporting goods markets as well as the pharmaceutical, agricultural, and communications markets. This is an innovative corporation with diverse interests from superconductors to carbon fiber and biotechnology.

A joint venture with U.S. company Fiberite/ICI dissolved in October of 1992.


MKC's research activity in advanced polymer composites includes materials-pitch based carbon fiber, formulations of thermoset resins, thermoplastics resin and prepreg (pan-based CF, pitch based CF, GF, aramid fiber).

In pitch carbon fiber development, MKC markets "Dialead" (500 tons/year), to make prepregs and printing press rolls. It is one of the three largest manufacturers of pitch based carbon fiber in Japan. They start at the raw feedstock level with coal tar (pitch coke, needle coke, dialead) which is incorporated into metals, plastics and cement. Several application technologies were developed or are being developed for civil engineering and architecture: curtain wall, rod for prestressed reinforcement, smoke stack reinforcement, slab retrofitting reinforced with CF UD tape and also special resin systems for reinforcement. The Kyushu Prince Hotel has cement walls using graphite-reinforced cement. Another innovation is in smoke stack applications where the top 1/3 is reinforced with pitch-based graphite. Pre-preg uni-tape is laid down along the stack axis, then overwrapped with wet strand reinforcement at a low temperature cure. Other applications include 8 mm diameter carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) rods (thermoplastic) for anchors in construction (often prestressed) and hexagonal honeycomb pontoons.

Structural RIM has applications for electric motor scooters and also for large parts with high strength at high speeds. From near net-shape parts (30% V(f)) using epoxy/acrylic hybrid resins, a scooter frame was developed which replaced a steel frame and fairings with a 40% weight savings. Other applications are being pursued for sporting goods (lamination technology for golf shafts and fishing rods) and industrial markets (roll manufacturing technology and railway components). Not much work is being done on automotive applications, but they are doing work on trains.


Business units fund 80% of MKC research activities, specifically in pitch-based carbon development, pre-preg, chopped fiber etc. MKC developed the SRIM process with special hybrid resin systems, and successfully applied the modeled product to the structural body of an electric scooter, the design and assembly of which were performed at Tokyo R&D. MKC is the developer and supplier of pitch carbon fiber (chopped and continuous) and epoxy/acrylic resins. It is developing the processing science in structural RIM, as well as the processing science and product development in CFRPs (PC, PBI, TP molding compounds), scooter frames, golf shafts, composite rolls, cement walls, and composite rod for construction anchors.


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Published: April 1994; WTEC Hyper-Librarian