Site: Doshisha University
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Kyoto 602, Japan

Date Visited: December 9, 1992

Report Author: V. Karbhari



V. Karbhari
D. Wilkins

Dr. Toru Fuji

Chairman, Dept. of Mechanical Eng.


Fatigue of polymer matrix composites

Development of CVT belts

Investigation of environmental effects

Tension/torsion testing of tubes

Automotive transmission belts


Dr. Fuji switched completely from ceramic matrix composites to polymer matrix composites in the last two to three years because of increased industrial support and because of the need to obtain specimens. His research is heavily supported by Honda, Nitta, JSR, Teijin, Shin Caterpillar Mitsubishi, and other companies and organizations that lend him equipment for tests as well as fund his research. Composite materials are supplied by courtesy of Dai-Nippon Ink & Chemicals, Asahi Fiber Glass, Toray, and other companies.

Published: April 1994; WTEC Hyper-Librarian