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JTEC Panel on

Optoelectronics in Japan and the United States

Stephen Forrest, Chair
Larry A. Coldren
Sadik Esener
Donald Keck
Fred Leonberger
Gary R. Saxonhouse
Paul W. Shumate

February 1996


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List of Figures
List of Tables

Executive Summary

1. Methods and Summary of Conclusions

Stephen R. Forrest

2. Telecommunications, Cable Television, and Data Link Systems

Paul W. Shumate

3. Optical Storage Technology

Sadik Esener

4. Guided Wave Devices and Photonic Packaging Technology

Frederick J. Leonberger

5. Emerging Device Technology

Larry A. Coldren

6. Optical Sensors and Specialty Fibers

Donald B. Keck

7. Optoelectronics in Japan: Some Economic Considerations

Gary R. Saxonhouse


A. Professional Experience of Panel Members

B. Professional Experience of Other Team Members

C. Site Reports - United States

D. Site Reports - Japan

E. Questionnaire

F. Glossary

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Published: February 1996; WTEC Hyper-Librarian
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