1) As of February 1996, 128 MB disks were available in quantity at prices as low as $15 per disk; 230 MB disks were priced as low as $17 per disk in quantities of five or more.

2) As of the February 1996 publication date of this report, 5.25" optical disks were available for as low as $79 per disk; 3.5" 230 MB optical disks for $17 per disk; Syquest 270 MB disks for $65 per disk; and Zip TM 100 MB disks for $15 per disk (in quantity).

3) As of February 1996, removable magnetic secondary storage devices (e.g., Iomega Zip TM drives) have had some negative impact on this growth curve

Published: February 1996; WTEC Hyper-Librarian