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Available Reports

JTECH Panel Report on Computer Science in Japan (12/84) PB85-216760

JTECH Panel Report on Opto and Microelectronics (5/85) PB85-242402

JTECH Panel Report on Mechatronics in Japan (6/85) PB85-249019

JTECH Panel Report on Biotechnology in Japan (5/86) PB85-249241

JTECH Panel Report on Telecommunications Technology in Japan (5/86)PB86-202330/XAB

JTECH Panel Report on Advanced Materials (5/86) PB86-229929/XAB

JTECH Panel Report on Advanced Computing in Japan (12/87)PB88-153572/XAB

JTECH Panel Report on CIM and CAD for the Semiconductor Industry in Japan(12/88) PB89-138259/XAB

JTECH Panel Report on the Japanese Exploratory Research for AdvancedTechnology (ERATO) Program (12/88) PB89-133946/XAB

JTECH Panel Report on Advanced Sensors in Japan (1/89) PB89-158760/XAB

JTEC Panel Report on High Temperature Superconductivity in Japan (11/89)PB90-123126

JTEC Panel Report on Space Propulsion in Japan (8/90) PB90-215732

JTEC Panel Report on Nuclear Power in Japan (10/90) PB90-215724

JTEC Panel Report on Advanced Computing in Japan (10/90) PB90-215765

JTEC Panel Report on Space Robotics in Japan (1/91) PB91-100040

JTEC Panel Report on High Definition Systems in Japan (2/91) PB91-100032

JTEC Panel Report on Advanced Composites in Japan (3/91) PB90-215740

JTEC Panel Report on Construction Technologies in Japan (6/91)PB91-100057

JTEC Program Summary (9/91) PB92-119429

JTEC Panel Report on X-Ray Lithography in Japan (10/91) PB92-100205

WTEC Panel Report on European Nuclear Instrumentation and Controls (12/91)PB92-100197

JTEC Panel Report on Machine Translation in Japan (1/92) PB92-100239

JTEC Panel Report on Database Use and Technology in Japan (4/92)PB92-100221

JTEC Panel Report on Bioprocess Engineering in Japan (5/92) PB92-100213

JTEC Panel Report on Display Technologies in Japan (6/92) PB92-100247

JTEC Panel Report on Material Handling Technologies in Japan (2/93)PB93-128197

JTEC Panel Report on Separation Technology in Japan (3/93) PB93-159564

JTEC Panel Report on Knowledge-Based Systems in Japan (5/93) PB93-170124

NASA/NSF Panel Report on Satellite Communications Systems & Technology(7/93):
Executive Summary PB93-231116
Vol. I. Analytical Chapters PB93-209815
Vol. II. Site Reports PB94-100187

WTEC Monograph on Instrumentation, Control & Safety Systems of CanadianNuclear Facilities (7/93) PB93-218295

JTEC/WTEC Annual Report and Program Summary 1993/94 (3/94) PB94-155702

JTEC Panel Report on Advanced Manufacturing Technology for Polymer CompositeStructures in Japan (4/94) PB94-161403

WTEC Panel Report on Research Submersibles and Undersea Technologies (6/94)PB94-184843

JTEC Panel Report on Microelectromechanical Systems in Japan (9/94)PB95-100244

WTEC Panel Report on Display technologies in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus(12/94) PB95-144390

JTEC Panel Report on Electronic Manufacturing and Packaging in Japan (2/95)PB95-188116

JTEC Monograph on Biodegradable Polymers and Plastics in Japan (3/95)PB95-199071

JTEC Panel Report on Optoelectronics in Japan and the United States (2/96)PB96-152202

JTEC Panel Report on Human-Computer Interaction Technologies in Japan (3/96)PB96-157490

WTEC Panel Report on Submersibles and Marine Technologies in Russia's FarEast and Siberia (8/96) PB96-199526

JTEC Panel Report on Japan's ERATO and PRESTO Basic Research Programs (9/96)PB96-199591

JTEC/WTEC Panel Report on Rapid Prototyping in Europe and Japan:
Vol. I. Analytical Chapters (3/97) PB97-162564
Vol. II. Site Reports (9/96) PB96-199583

WTEC Panel Report on Advanced Casting Technologies in Japan and Europe(3/97) PB97-156160

WTEC Panel Report on Electronics Manufacturing in the Pacific Rim (5/97)PB97-167076

WTEC Panel Report on Power Applications of Superconductivity in Japan andGermany (10/97) PB98-103161

WTEC Workshop Report on R&D Status and Trends in Nanoparticles,Nanostructured Materials, and Nanodevices in the United States (1/98)PB98-117914

WTEC Panel Report on Electronic Applications of Superconductivity in Japan(7/98) PB98-150139

WTEC Monograph on Use of Composite Materials in Civil Infrastructure inJapan (8/98) PB98-158215

WTEC Panel Report on Nanostructure Science and Technology (12/98 --available in 1999 from Kluwer Academic Publishers)

WTEC Panel Report on Global Satellite Communications Technology and Systems(12/98) PB99-117954

WTEC Panel Report on Digital Information Organization in Japan (2/99)PB99-128019

WTEC Panel Report on the Future of Data Storage Technologies (6/99)PB99-144214

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