Carl Koch
North Carolina State University
WTEC Panel

The bulk behavior session of the May 8-9, 1997 WTEC workshop addressed the unique properties of nanostructured bulk materials; that is, bulk materials with nanoscale grain sizes and/or multiphase dimensions. The properties represented by the four speakers comprise mechanical properties of structural materials (Kear and Froes) and magnetic properties (Hadjipanayis and Ramanan). Speakers in other sessions also addressed some aspects of nanostructured bulk materials, such as structural ceramics (Ying, Chapter 4) and hydrogen storage materials (Schwarz, Chapter 4). In the field of nanostructured materials for potential structural applications, there are a number of other important efforts in the United States:

Other important efforts in the area of nanostructured magnetic materials research in the United States include

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Published: January 1998; WTEC Hyper-Librarian