Guy Hammer
Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO), Office of Technology Applications

BMDO funds nanotechnology development as part of its research in new materials and the manipulation of materials below 100 nanometers, primarily through its Advanced Technology Development Program. Generally, the BMDO-funded research is in two categories: nanotechnology and supporting technologies. BMDO nanotechnology has potential application in areas such as electronic devices, directed energy, propulsion systems, thermal management, and sensors. In 1996, BMDO published a nanotechnology report, entitled "Nanotechnology: Products for the Material World," as a supplement to the Summer issue of the BMDO Update quarterly newsletter; this report describes a number of specific nanotechnology projects that BMDO supports, including R&D in opto- and micro-electronic devices, lithography, and materials:

Electronic Devices



The BMDO nanotechnology report also describes 9 projects in supporting technologies (characterization, modeling and simulation, and process control).

The BMDO Office of Technology Applications welcomes the opportunity to leverage its investment in nanotechnology with others to help facilitate the transfer of this technology to commercial applications for the benefit of all citizens.

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Published: January 1998; WTEC Hyper-Librarian