M.J. Foster
Division of Microelectronic Information Processing Systems (MIPS), NSF

The CISE Experimental Systems program supports research projects that involve building, evaluating, and experimenting with an information-processing system. These are goal-oriented projects undertaken by teams of designers, builders, and users. The building of the system must itself represent a major intellectual effort, and offer advances in our understanding of information systems architecture. A system supported by the Experimental Systems program will usually include both hardware and software components.

Within this context, CISE currently supports some research in the nanotechnology area. Topics of current interest include biomolecular computing, quantum computation, and the scaling of MEMS systems to smaller dimensions. Our hope is that exploration of these new technologies can provide new knowledge of computing systems architecture and open up new application areas.

The level of funding for nanotechnologies in CISE is about $1.5 million/year. Most of this is in biomolecular computing. Other support for nanotechnology research can be found in the Theory of Computation program, managed by Zeke Zalcstein.

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Published: January 1998; WTEC Hyper-Librarian