NSF NANO-95 for Instrumentation: Instrument Development for Nano Science and Engineering

L.J. Inglehart
Program Director, National Facilities and Instrumentation, Division of Materials Research, NSF

This presentation focuses on a special NSF-wide program initiated in 1995 to address a need, in the area emphasizing atomic-scale capability, for higher-risk proposals with no anticipated product. The NANO-95 program was devised by three directorates at NSF (Engineering, Biology, and Math and Physical Sciences) to seek proposals for the development of new instruments leading to new discoveries and for the advancement of atomic-scale measurements of atoms, clusters, nanoparticles, and nanostructured materials. The intent of the program is to impact the areas of manufacturing, synthesis, and fabrication on the nanometer scale, and to complement computational efforts. The results of the program included funding of seven proposals for a total of $2,625,334. Projects supported included two in the area of biology, two in the area of engineering, and three in the area of materials science; three of the seven projects were cofunded.



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Published: January 1998; WTEC Hyper-Librarian