Chemistry (CHE/MPS) Division Investment in Nanoscience

Janet Osteryoung, Division Director
Division of Chemistry, MPS/NSF

The Chemistry Division of NSF's Mathematical and Physicals Sciences (MPS) Directorate invests about $18 million per year in projects involving the synthesis or characterization of nanostructures and the development of methods for application to nanoscience. These activities span all programmatic areas of the division and range from theoretical investigations to advanced applications.

Work on theory of atomic and molecular clusters includes their dynamic properties, their chaotic and ergotic behavior, the relationship between cluster topography and potential energy surfaces, and electron correlation calculations for clusters composed of three- and four-valence electron atoms. Synthetic efforts include work on chemical vapor deposition, sol-gel chemistry, micromachining, patterned metallization, and patterned, catalyzed polymerization. Development work on techniques and methods for characterizing nanostructures is being carried out in near-field optical spectroscopy, atomic force and scanning tunneling microscopy, and laser microprobe techniques. The following are examples of active nanoscience research projects funded by NSF's Chemistry Division:

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Published: January 1998; WTEC Hyper-Librarian