This volume is a collection of papers and viewgraphs presented at a workshop reviewing U.S. research and development activities in nanoparticles, nanostructured materials, and nanodevices. The workshop was held in Arlington, Virginia, on May 8 and 9, 1997. This workshop was the first stage in a worldwide assessment of R&D status and trends in nanotechnology being conducted for the U.S. government by a WTEC expert panel. This panel's final report, covering the United States, Japan, Western Europe, and Russia, will be published later in 1998. The May 1997 workshop was intended to provide a broad perspective on U.S. R&D activities in the wide variety of fields related to nanoparticle synthesis and assembly; bulk materials behavior; dispersions and coatings; high-surface-area materials; functional nanostructures (devices); and relevant biological, carbon, and theory issues. Representatives of most of the U.S. government agencies conducting or supporting such research began the workshop by reviewing their research interests. The remainder of the workshop was devoted to paper presentations by leading U.S. researchers reviewing U.S. activities. Paper authors were asked to provide a broad description of all related U.S. work in their respective fields (i.e., not necessarily just the activities in their own laboratories). Authors were chosen to be representative of cutting edge U.S. research in each of the topic areas. The list was not exhaustive; some important research was not included. Following the workshop each of the WTEC panelists drafted a summary of each topic area in an effort to fill in any gaps in coverage of the full spectrum of related U.S. activities. Subsequent to the workshop, WTEC offered each of the paper authors and other presenters an opportunity to revise or extend their contributions for the purposes of producing this proceedings report. Only minimal editing work has been done on the papers, some of which still consist largely of viewgraphs presented at the workshop.

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Published: January 1998; WTEC Hyper-Librarian