ES.1 Technological Impact: Present and Potential
ES.2 Comparison of Activities in Nanostructure Science and Technology in Europe, Japan, and the United States

3.1 Nanoparticle Preparation for Dispersions/Coatings
3.2 Particle Properties
3.3 Dispersions and Coatings-Nanotechnology Comparisons Between the United States, Europe, and Japan

4.1 Zeolite Channel "Window" Dimension for Number of Oxygens in Ring

5.1 SET Architectures
5.2 Quantum Dot Flash Memory
5.3 Giant Magnetoresistance Activities
5.4 Summary of Quantum Dot Laser Results
5.5 Nanotube Fabrication Methods
5.6 Electrical and Field Emission Properties of Nanotubes

7.1 Comparisons between Japan, Europe, and the United States in Biologically Related Aspects of Nanotechnology

8.1 Support for Nanotechnology Research from U.S. Federal Agencies in 1997
8.2 Government Expenditures on Nanotechnology Research in 1997, Based on the WTEC Site Interviews

Published: September 1999; WTEC Hyper- Librarian