Japan Compared to the U.S. in Microelectromechanical Systems

1.1 Integrated Sensors and MEMS in Production
1.2 Some Generic Technologies Chosen as the Focus of the MITI Program in Micromachines

4.1 Microactuation Activity in Japan
4.2 Elemental Technology Map
4.3 Characteristics of Various Piezoelectric Materials

5.1 The Roles of Integrated Signal Processing Circuitry
5.2 Industrial Sites Visited by JTEC MEMS Panel

6.1 Fabrication Processes
6.2 Packaging Levels
6.3 Summary of Diversity of Issues
6.4 Organizations Visited by Group
6.5 Projects and Products Observed
6.6 Processes, Materials, and Packaging Observed

Published: September 1994; WTEC Hyper-Librarian