Structure of a Sensor/Actuator Control Loop
1.2 The Role of Sensors and Actuators in Extending Integrated Microsystems
1.3 Extension of Batch-Fabrication Concepts
1.4 Nickel Micromotor and Gear Train Formed Using the LIGA Process at the University of Wisconsin
1.5 Organization of a Miniature Gas Chromatography System

3.1 Toyota Surface Micromachined Piezoresistive Microdiaphragm
3.2 Toyota 1K-Element Piezoresistive Pressure/Tactile Sensor Array
3.3 Toyota Capacitive Pressure Sensor with CMOS Electronics
3.4 Toyota Pyroelectric IR Sensor
3.5 Nippondenso Integrated Pressure and Temperature Sensor Chip
3.6 Yokogawa Resonant Microbeam Pressure Sensor
3.7 Hitachi Closed Loop Capacitive Accelerometer
3.8 Nissan Integrated Silicon Accelerometer
3.9 Tohoku University Integrated Capacitive Accelerometer
3.10 Tohoku University Integrated Capacitive Pressure Sensor

4.1 "Mechanical Ant" Actuated from a Vibrating Platform
4.2 Electrostatically Driven "Stepping" Microstructure
4.3 Distribution of Patent Topics for Piezoactuators in Japan

5.1 Evolution of Sensor-Circuit Integration and System Partitioning
5.2 Monolithic Mass Flowmeter with On-Chip CMOS Interface Circuitry
5.3 Surface-Micromachined Micromechanical Resonator Chip Formed as a High-Q Mechanical Filter
5.4 Top View of a Force-Balanced Accelerometer Chip
5.5 Surface-Micromachined Accelerometer with On-Chip Signal Processing Electronics From Analog Devices
5.6 Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor
5.7 Organization of the Toyota Tactile Imager Readout Electronics
5.8 Pressure Sensor Evolution in the Toyota Tactile Imager
5.9 Circuit Organization in the Digitally-Compensated Toyota Pressure Sensor
5.10 Structure and Excitation Scheme for the Yokogawa DPharp Resonant Pressure Sensor
5.11 Module Electronics Used for Signal Readout
5.12 Circuit Organization in the Hitachi Force-Balanced Accelerometer

6.1 A Variety of Typical Closed, Rigid Electronic Packages
6.2 A MEMS-Based Array of Actuated Micromirrors
6.3 A Method of Integrated Vacuum Packaging
6.4 Cross Section of a Typical Japanese-Produced SLR Camera
6.5 Concept for an Advanced Maintenance System
6.6 Concept for an Intraluminal Diagnostic and Therapeutic System
6.7 Duodenofiberscope Currently Marketed by Olympus
6.8 PAT Processes Occur in All Procedures and at All Levels
6.9 Integrated Accelerometer - Analog Devices
6.10 Integrated Pressure Sensor - NOVA
6.11 Deforming Film Actuators - Tohoku University
6.12 Micromachined Resonant Pressure Sensor - Yokogawa
6.13 Microforceps - Berkeley Sensor and Actuator Center
6.14 Rotary Displacement Transducer (RDT) - University of Utah
6.15 RDT Emittor-Detector Chips - University of Utah
6.16 Electromagnetically Driven Microvalve - NTT
6.17 Odor Sensor - Yokogawa
6.18 Silicon Micromachined Gas Detector - University of Michigan
6.19 Microciliary Motion System - University of Tokyo

7.1 MITI Techno-Tree of Micromachine
7.2 Mother Ship
7.3 Microcapsule
7.4 Inspection Module
7.5 Work Module
7.6 Outer Duct of the Potential Microcatheter
7.7 Inner Duct of the Potential Microcatheter
7.8 Structure of the MITI Program
7.9 Micromachine Center - Research Supporting Membership
7.10 MMC Program Schedule

Published: September 1994; WTEC Hyper-Librarian