In conducting this study, the challenges facing the development of MEMS were divided into the following areas:

A total of 74 specific questions covering these six areas were prepared and mailed to 23 organizations (5 government agencies or laboratories, 6 university laboratories, and 12 industrial sites) that were known to be working in MEMS-related areas and were felt to represent a cross-section of activity in Japan. The questions were intended to raise important issues as a framework for discussions. In some cases, they were addressed specifically in the ensuing site visits in Japan, while in other cases the answers became apparent through the formal and informal discussions which occurred on-site. The panel spent one week in Japan visiting these 23 sites. The questions, sites visited, and site reports are all included as appendices to this report. The body of the report thus consists of six sections dealing with Japanese efforts in the areas noted above.

Published: September 1994; WTEC Hyper-Librarian