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MCC/WTEC Strategic Technology Tour Report on

MEMS and Microsystems in Europe

Claude Hilbert, MCC
Howard Curtis, MCC
Constantine Anagnostopoulos, Eastman Kodak
Ronald Finnila, HRL
Gilbert Hawkins, Eastman Kodak
Leonard Hones, Honeywell
Andrew Jacobson, MCC
Eric Leonard, Eastman Kodak
Farid Matta, Hewlett Packard
Jose Melendez, Texas Instruments
Jugnu Ojha, Nortel Networks

January 2000

Study coordinated and report drafted by
Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC)

Table of Contents

Title Page



1. MEMS and Microsystems in Europe: Summary of Findings

2. Europe/North America Net Technical Assessment: Summary Chart

3. European Microsystems Programs

4. MEMS/Microsystems Infrastructure

5. MEMS/Microsystems Device and Process Technologies

6. MEMS/Microsystems Market Forecasts and Commercialization Trends

Appendix 1: Strategic Technology Tour to Europe in MEMS and Microsystems—Team Members

Appendix 2: MCC Strategic Technology Tour: Program Objectives and Overview