Appendix 1

MCC Strategic Technology Tour Team: Team Members

The benchmarking team which conducted the 1999 MCC Strategic Technology Tour to Europe in MEMS and Microsystems included eight representatives from six MCC member firms, together with three members of the MCC staff. MCC member firms participating were Eastman Kodak, Hewlett Packard, Honeywell, HRL, Nortel Networks, and Texas Instruments. Brief biographical notes for the members of the STT team follow below.

Constantine Anagnostopoulos
Member of the Senior Staff
Eastman Kodak Company

Dr. Anagnostopoulos is a Member of the Senior Staff of Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester New York. He has worked in the Company’s Research Laboratories since 1975, in the areas of CCD image sensors, CMOS ASICs, and MEMS.

A native of Greece, Constantine received his ScM degree in Electrical Sciences from Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island and his PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Rhode Island, Kingston.

Gilbert Hawkins
Manager, Integrated Materials and Microcomponents
Eastman Kodak Company

Gilbert A. Hawkins received BS and PhD degrees from Stanford University and MIT respectively, both in Physics, in 1969 and 1973. He was a Miller Fellow of Basic Research at the University of California at Berkeley before joining the Research Laboratories of the Eastman Kodak Company in 1976. His research activities have focused on imaging systems, CCD imagers, semiconductor processing, and MEMs technology development. He has published over 60 papers and holds 30 U.S. patents in these fields and currently heads a MEMS research and development laboratory at Kodak in Rochester, NY.

Len Hones
Manager, Business Development
Honeywell Technology Center

Len Hones is currently Manager of Business Development for sensors at Honeywell Technology Center. During his sixteen years at Honeywell, Mr. Hones has held numerous technical positions including Technical Section Head with the Sensor and System Development Center and Technical Director with the Defense Systems Division. Mr. Hones has been involved with MEMS and MEMS development since 1989.

Eric Leonard
Manager of Advanced Manufacturing Systems
Manufacturing Systems Technology(MST) Division
Eastman Kodak Co.

MST is a group of scientists, engineers, and technologists focused on the next generation of manufacturing processes. Disciplines of group members range from MEMS process engineers, packaging, and ultra-precision automation, to electro-optics, and “state of the art” motion control. Application areas include silver halide product finishing, product assembly, and MEMS.

Jose Melendez
Director, Microcomponents Technology Center
Texas Instruments

Dr. JosÚ MelÚndez received his PhD in 1994 in Electrical Engineering from the Solid State Laboratory at Stanford University. At Stanford University he was a National Science Foundation Fellow and a Stanford Center for Integrated Systems (CIS) Fellow. Dr. MelÚndez received his BS (1990) and MS (1991) degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Dr. Melendez joined TI in 1988 as part of the MIT VI-A internship program. He joined the company’s Sensors and Infrared Laboratory as a Member of the Technical Staff in 1994 upon completion of his PhD. In early 1997, Dr. Melendez was promoted to branch manager of Analytical Sensors where he led a group of professionals in research and development activities related to advanced optoelectronic (bio)chemical sensors. Dr. Melendez is now Director of the Microcomponents Technology Center (MTC) in the Mixed Signal Product Development division of the Semiconductor Group. MTC is responsible for the development of new mixed-signal products based upon sensors and micromachining technologies. He has over a dozen U.S. and international patents pending in the areas of sensors and semiconductor technology.

Farid Matta
Project Manager, Micromechanics
Hewlett Packard Laboratories

Farid Matta has been with HP since 1980. From 1980 to 1984 he served as an Engineering Manager in an HP IC Fab. After joining HP’s Central Research Labs in 1984, he managed a number of projects in the areas of IC testing, IC packaging, measurement appliances, and, most recently, MEMS. Prior to HP, Farid was a University Professor in Egypt, and a Member of Technical Staff at Advanced Micro Devices.

Dr. Matta received his PhD degree in Microelectronics in 1973, and BSEE/MSEE in 1965; both from the Leningrad Institute of Electrical Engineering in Russia.

He is the holder of 9 U.S. patents, the author or co-author of about 30 technical publications, and the winner of 5 best-paper awards.

Jugnu Ojha
Member of Scientific Staff
Technology Access and Applications
Nortel Networks

Jugnu Ojha has worked for Nortel Networks since 1994. His areas of interest include MEMS for RF and optical applications, high speed electronics, communication systems, semiconductor devices, and optical and optoelectronic devices for communications. Specifically, he has worked on developing circuits for optical communication links operating at 10 Gbps and beyond, silicon integrated optics, novel field-effect electronic devices, and other areas.

Ronald M. Finnila
Director, Strategic Alliances
HRL, Laboratories, LLC

Ronald M. Finnila is an HRL Laboratories, LLC Technical Director responsible for coordinating strategic alliances and other activities to build competitive technology strength for HRL and its owners. Before the transition of Hughes Research Laboratories to HRL Laboratories, Dr. Finnila was a member of the Hughes Electronics Corporation Technology Staff responsible for technology driven strategic alliances

Previously, Dr. Finnila was manager of the Hughes Technology Center (HTC, located in Carlsbad, California) that operated as a division of Santa Barbara Research Center (a business unit of Hughes). HTC from its formation in 1975 until its dissolution in 1994 provided Hughes and the DoD community with state-of-the-art capability for the development and manufacture of specialized integrated circuits, visible and infrared imaging arrays, and other semiconductor devices.

Prior to that Dr. Finnila was a Member of the Technical Staff located at the Newport Beach Research Center (a branch laboratory of the Hughes Research Laboratories at Malibu) where he held various assignments managing projects to develop specialized semiconductor devices for Hughes. Dr. Finnila received a PhD in Applied Science from the University of California at Davis-Livermore, an MA degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and a BS degree in Physical Metallurgy from the University of California at Berkeley.

Dr. Claude Hilbert
Technical Director, Electronics Research

Claude Hilbert is a Technical Manager in MCC’s R&D Division. His current responsibilities include the consortial Server and Network Technology (SNT) Program and several DARPA-funded MEMS programs.

Dr. Hilbert received a PhD in Solid State Physics from the University of California at Berkeley in 1985. After joining the Packaging/Interconnect Program at MCC as a Member of Technical Staff, his work included research and development in the areas of high-density packaging, thermal management and electrical interconnect modeling. Dr. Hilbert was responsible for the development of advanced cooling systems for high performance computers and was the project manager for the first integration of MCC- developed packaging technologies into an integrated functional multi-chip test vehicle. He subsequently managed an industry activity to develop cost-effective field emission displays and expanded his work in the areas of flat panel display system cost modeling and technology assessment. His ongoing work in the SNT Program focuses on high-performance communication and computation systems, and the MEMS work is concentrating on the development of low-loss metal MEMS switches for relay and high-frequency applications.

He currently holds five U.S. patents and has published more than 25 papers relating to solid-state devices and advanced packaging.

Andrew Jacobson
Coordinator, Corporate Development

Andrew Jacobson received his BA from Oklahoma State University in History in 1987. He earned an award for being the Outstanding Senior History Major in 1987. He received his MA from the University of Texas at Austin in 1991 in U.S. History and has completed work toward his PhD. His professional involvement with MCC began in 1994, where he has worked as Coordinator with MCC’s Membership Services Office in the area of Corporate Development. He has helped coordinate one previous MCC Strategic Technology Tour to Europe in September of 1997, on mobile wireless telecommunications.

Howard W. Curtis
Director, Global Technology Services

Howard Curtis is Director of MCC’s Global Technology Services (GTS) unit, which provides global technology services to the member firms in the MCC consortium, including analysis of international trends and developments in microelectronics and information technology, the conduct of technology assessment within MCC R&D projects and studies, and the management of MCC’s program of “Strategic Technology Tours.”

In addition to managing Global Technology Services, Mr. Curtis reports on technical developments in Japan and Asia in the fields of software development and software engineering, computer systems, information systems, advanced database technologies, and networking and telecommunications. Mr. Curtis joined the staff of MCC in 1992 as a senior research analyst.

Before coming to MCC, Mr. Curtis served for eight years (1984-92) as Head of the Information Technology Section at Mann Library, the science library of Cornell University. Mr. Curtis holds a BA in Asian Studies from Princeton University and an MBA with concentration in international studies and information systems from Cornell University. He has studied computer science at Cornell University, and has lived in Japan for over three years, where he studied at Kobe University under a Japanese Ministry of Education Fellowship.

Published: January 2000; WTEC Hyper-Librarian