MCC Strategic Technology Tours (STTs) are consortial initiatives,driven by the requirements and efforts of the researchers and research managers at MCCmember firms who join our STT benchmarking teams. This report of findings on MEMS andmicrosystems in Europe, which derives from a March 1999 MCC Strategic Technology Tour toEurope, is the product of a team effort involving six MCC member firms working with MCCstaff. Members of the MCC team that conducted the Strategic Technology Tour in MEMS andMicrosystems in Europe were:

MCC Global Technology Services appreciates the efforts of the teammembers, both on the ground in Europe and in providing observations and inputs which havehelped guide the preparation of this report. Additional detail on the backgrounds of theSTT team members appears in Appendix 1 of this report.

The MCC Strategic Technology Tour to Europe in MEMS and Microsystemswas undertaken with financial co-sponsorship provided by WTEC at Loyola College under itscooperative agreement with the National Science Foundation. In addition to funding for theStrategic Technology Tour and associated technology evaluation work, WTEC contributedadvice to MCC on the conduct of the STT, based on its own long experience in organizingtechnology evaluation panels, and organized a two-day workshop held in Washington, DC fordissemination and discussion of STT findings.

MCC sincerely appreciates the cooperation of host representatives inEurope who agreed to meet with our STT team for presentations and mutual discussion of keytrends in MEMS and microsystems. The European companies, universities, and researchinstitutes that hosted our group are identified in the body of this report.

Finally, I would like to thank the colleagues at MCC who worked tomake this Strategic Technology Tour a success: Claude Hilbert, Technical Manager on theMCC technical staff; Andrew Jacobson, Coordinator in MCC Business Development; and DianeCulp, Research Associate in MCC Global Technology Services.

Howard Curtis
Director, MCC Global Technology Services
Austin, Texas

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