Site: YRP Mobile Telecommunications Key Technology Research Laboratories Co., Ltd. (YRP Key Tech Labs)
Ichibankan, 6F
3-4 Hikari-no-oka
Yokosuka 239-0847, Japan

Day Visited: 14 October 1998

WTEC Attendees: G. Gamota, P. O'Neill-Brown



Yokosuka Research Park (YRP) is located about one hour outside Tokyo. The objective is to create a new science city in this part of Japan, with YRP and its wireless communications technology being the centerpiece attracting many companies interested in this technology and business area. YRP's future is in the area of "International Mobile Telecommunications-2000" (IMT-2000). Many such systems are being developed around the world, and YRP Key Tech Labs is developing technologies critical to the second generation of IMT-2000 services. YRP Key Tech Labs is concentrating on the following research areas: Radio Transmission Department

YRP Key Tech Labs is a seven-year project started on March 28, 1995 and is to be finished by March 2002. A total of $40 million was invested in the project, with JKTC providing 70% of the funding, and the investment companies providing 30%.

YRP Key Tech Labs has a 30 person full time staff, of whom 27 were transferred: 25 from the investment companies and two from the MPT's Communications Research Laboratory. The company research staff members expect to work there two, three or four years, whereas the remaining few might stay the whole seven years. The policy is to rotate, mix training and research. Some people use the time to obtain a doctor's degree based on the research done at YRP Key Tech Labs. Reviews are held internally twice a year by staff from investment companies; an external review is performed by JKTC during the midpoint of the project.

The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) was critical in pulling this effort together. Together with the investment companies, MPT helped prepare the proposal and worked on it for two years to get it funded.

The investors, other than JKTC, are all Japanese companies including the following:

Collocated within YRP is the CRL's Yokosuka Radio Communications Research Center, with other companies quickly occupying adjoining space.


Areas for research include the following:


The YRP Key Tech Labs managers pointed out that they have a free hand to pursue the research that is the most important to the future of their companies. Activity was only limited by funding. The area YRP chose to build its laboratory has the beginnings of a large new techno-park, somewhat reminiscent of Tsukuba Science Center.

YRP activities include a wide range of efforts with foreign countries. This is done via exchanges with overseas researchers, including participating at National Science Foundation workshops; training staff at overseas facilities; and participating and hosting conferences and seminars. The YRP acts as an information center.

Published: September 1999; WTEC Hyper-Librarian